Page last modified: 16-Aug-2017    - The Laguage Site - Word-for-word translations in
many languages, including Cebuano, Ilongo and Tagalog.

InterTran - Online translations in many languages, including Filipino

Internet Course Finders - Search for a language school using criteria
that are important for you (location, course type etc). 88 languages
(including Tagalog) in 115 countries and territories.

Rosetta Stone - Study language anywhere you have an Internet
connection. Available in 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions.
Tagalog Online Subscription from US$49.95 per month.

Philippine Online Dictionary - Word-for-word translations in Englisch,
Cebuano, Hiligaynon (Ilongo) and Tagalog. - Comprehensive information on the Tagalog language.
Many links.

Tagalog24 - Online-Shop for language courses and dictionaries.

Learn Tagalog Now - Filipino and Tagalog Language program. Order the
4 CD Set or download the MP3 Version. Free samples online and
download Tagalog language MP3.

Tagalog Lang - Tagalog for beginners. Basic Tagalog vocabulary,
phrases, greetings. Tagalog-English Dictionary. English-Spanish-Tagalog
Dictionary. - Free introductory Filipino lessons. For sale: 'Learn
Filipino, Book One' (US$25).

Tagalog - Well constructed website of the Northern Illinois University
with sections such as: Beginning Tagalog 1 & 2 (thematic lessons with
interesting examples), Tagalog for Kids (alphabet, numbers, colours,
animals etc), Tagalog for Travelers (questions and answers at the airport,
in restaurants, at the market etc), grammar and everyday phrases, as
well as a small online Tagalog-English dictionary (just enter a word) and
lots more.

Tagalog Dictionary - English-Tagalog dictionary with general vocabulary
of more than 1000 words and phrases.

Tagalog-English Dictionary - Vocabulary Tagalog-English from A to Z.
Selection of short phrases.

The Tagalog Site - Multi-player interactive Tagalog quiz game, Tagalog
translator program, Tagalog message board.

Aklanon - Short selection of vocabulary and phrases (English-

Cebuano Sprachkurs - Easy to understand introduction to Cebuano.
Grammar, vocabulary (German-Cebuano-Tagalog), organised from
A to Z and by category.

Chavacano Speak! - Short introduduction to the unique Chavacano de
Zamboanga language.

Dictionary of Slang - Online dictionary of the rich colourful language
we call slang... all from a British perspective, with new slang added every

Urban Dictionary - English Slang Dictionary (not appropriate for all audiences).

Deutsch Online - Online German course for beginners. (Goethe-Institut).

LEO Dictionary - Extensive dictionary (German-English, English-German)
presently with more than 180,000 entries. Simply enter the German or
English word you wish to translate.