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Board of Investments - Business guide, investment statistics, average
monthly wage rates etc.

CIA-Philippines - The CIA World Factbook: Report on the Philippines.

Dr Jose Rizal - Short biography of the Philippine hero.

Kasaysayan - Philippine History 101 - Several interesting articles on
Philippine history.

National Anthem - Text of the Philippine national anthem in Tagalog
and English.

National Statistics Office - The Philippines in figures (population, income,
umemployment, inflation rate etc.)

Office of the President

Philippine Flags - National flags, provincial flags, historical flags, military
flags etc.

Philippine History - The history of the Philippines, organised by period.
Detailed presentation of Philippine presidents and heroes.

Population of cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants - Population
figures for around 60 Philippine cities (as of 1990 and 1994).

Senate of the Philippines

The Evolution of the Philippine Flag - A few interesting facts about
the Philippine flag.

The Official Website of the Republic of the Philippines - Contents
the complete directory of the government branches as well as numerous
sectors and agencies.

The History of the Philippines - Several essays on differents eras, eg
'Pre-Colonial History', 'World War II and Japanese Occupation', 'Marcos
Dictatorship' and 'Return to Democracy'.

The Philippine History Site - Covers the Philippine Revolution, the
Philippine-American War and the Filipino Migration to the US.


Bibliography - Information on literature about the 'Agta Negritos of
Eastern Luzon'.

Ethnologue: Philippines - Brief information (area, language) on all of the
Philippine cultural minorities.

Friends of Peoples Close to Nature (FPCN) - Website includes article
„Aeta: From 'lubay' to Levi's - 15 years after Mt. Pinatubo eruption".
The FPCN is a global movement of individuals and groups dedicated to the
survival of tribal peoples, in particular hunter-gatherers.

Index of Peoples in the Philippines - Statistical information (language,
grouping, population) on cultural minorities in the Philippines.

Kipas Gallery - Information on musical instruments of various Philippine
cultural minorities.

Peoples in the Philippines - A ' Virtual Museum' presentation of the
C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology.

Mangyan Heritage Center - Tribal groups. Photos. Ambahan (poems of
social nature).

Moroland - Brief historical essay on the 'Land of the Moros': areas in the
south of the Philippines (Mindanao Sulu and Palawan) mainly populated
by Moslems.

The Yakans of Basilan - Short article on the Yakan and their artistic
woven products.


Chabacano Food - Brief overview of Philippine food of Spanish origin,
using dishes from Cavite (in Zamboanga a/k/a Chavacano) as examples.

Igorot Exotic Food - Find out here how Pinikpikan, a popular dish in
the Cordilleras, is prepared, and how to soften up a live chicken before
it is slaughtered.

Filipino Food - Numerous recipes in the following categories: Breakfast
& Merienda, Everyday Dishes, Fiesta Fare, Refreshments, Sweets &

Filipino Recipe - - Meat & Fish, Vegetarian Dishes & Salads, Soups &
Sauces, Dessert.

Filipino Recipes - Over 20 recipes from Adobo to Sweet Beef Tapa.

Filipino Vegetarian Recipes - Low cholesterol diet Filipino vegetarian
recipes including recipes for desserts, soups, sandwiches and salads.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - Information on (currently) 117 different
spice plants. Emphasis is on their usage in ethnic cuisines, particularly
in Asia

Lutongbahay.com - Offers searchable database of Filipino food recipes
by region and category.

Manong Ken's Carinderia - Detailed introduction to Philippine cooking,
plus Manong Ken's Recipe of the Month (going back to March 1997).

Philippine Vegetables - Brief description of Philippine vegetables, fruits
and spices. With illustrations.

Pinoy Cook - Cooking, recipes and home-cooked meals. A food and
cooking blog (Filipino food and Asian cooking).


Animal Info - A comprehensive listing of endangered Philippine mammals.

Biodeversity Information Center - Website of the plant unit of the
Philippine National Museum.

Birdwatch Philippines - The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the
Philippines. A group of enthusiastic amateur birdwatchers invites you to
discover the wonderful avifauna of the Philippines. Trip reports. Gallery.

Botolan Wildlife Farm - This wildlife and leisure farm's aim is to preserve
endangered animals native to the Philippines and other countries. It's
located in San Juan, Botolan, Zambales Province.

BWF Online - The activist Philippine ecological organisation BWF
(Babilonia Wilner Foundation) publicises harm being done to the
environment, eg the consequences of tree clearing, educates the public,
and presents useful projects.

Cebu Animal Welfare Society - The aim of the Cebu Animal Welfare
Society (CAWS) is to be actively engaged in ensuring the wellbeing of
Philippine animals, especially those on the island of Cebu.

Conservation International - Report on the Northern Sierra Madre Natural
Park (NSMNP) in Isabela Province in the north-east of Luzon.
Conservation International believes that earth's natural heritage must be
maintained if future generations are to thrive spiritually, culturally and

Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Official website
of the Philippine Ministry of the Environment.

EESP's Philippine Biodiversity - A comprehensive listing of animals
found only in the Philippines by Pia Belardo. (EESP = Endangered
Endemic Species of the Philippines).

Endangered Birds of the Philippines - Illustration and description of
the endangered bird species Philippine Eagle, Philippine Cockatoo,
Palawan Peacock Pheasant, Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Sulu Hornbill and
Cebu Black Shama.

Endangered Endemic Species of the Philippines - Instructive
presentation of endangered Philippine plants, amphibians, insects,
sealife, reptiles, mammals and birds. With illustrations.

Mga Halamang Gamot ng Pinoy - Philippine medicinal plants and herbs
used as alternative medicine in the Philippines.

Palawan Lepidoptera Farm - The Dane Jan Petersen runs a butterfly
farm in Puerto Princesa with an educational slant.

Pamilacan Island Dolphin & Whale Watching - First-class dolphin and
whale watching experience in Bohol. The spotters and local guides are the
former hunters of dolphins, Bryde's whales, whale sharks and manta rays
of Pamilacan Island.

Philippine Herbal Medicinal Plants - List of Philippine medical plants
(Tagalog and English). Pictures, botany, description, constituents and
properties, folkloric uses, availability.

Philippine Tarsier Foundation - The Philippine Tarsier Foundation is a
private, not-for-profit foundation for saving the endangered Philippine tarsier.

Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau - The Protected Areas and
Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) is a section of the Department of Environment
and Natural Resources (DENR), primarily dedicated to ensuring the
successful application of nature protection schemes.

Pulilan Butterfly Haven - Several images of nature's wonder flying gems
which can be observed in the Butterfly Haven's tropical garden.

Samar Island Biodiversity Project - The Samar Island Biodiversity
Project (SIBP) aims to establish the Samar Island Natural Park in order
to conserve the rich biodiversity resources in the Island and to reduce
poverty among the local communities.

Save the Whale Sharks - Website dedicated to saving the giant whale
sharks off the north coast of Mindanao by organising snorkelling trips.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center - Butterfly Farm in Bilar, Bohol.

Society For Dolphin Conservation, Germany - GRD's (Gesellschaft zur
Rettung der Delphine) main goal is to protect wild whales and dolphins and
conserve their habitats. These marine mammals are under serious threat
from unselective fishing practices such as driftnet fishing, hunting,
increasing reckless exploitation of marine resources, and marine pollution
from toxic materials, waste and noise.

Superfamily Mitroidea - This site features more than 350 shell specimens
of Mitridae and Costellariidae in various forms and colours. All collected
from the Philippine Archipelago.

Tarsier UK - Information on the Tarsier (with photos) and the Philippine
Tarsier Foundation Inc. in Corella, Bohol.

Terrible Tackle - Information on methods and consequences of the
destructive, illegal fishing with cyanide and dynamite.

WHS Butterfly Farm - Barangay Pangi, 4 km north of the town of Gasan,

Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines - The Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines (WCSP) is a professional
organization of wildlife researchers, managers, scientists, and conservationists. The Society was formed to advance wildlife research
and conservation in the Philippines through promoting collaborative
research, providing technical assistance and training and increasing
public awareness.

Wildlife and Conservation in the Polillo Islands - Includes Mapping
and Species Guide.


Cebu Eskrima Society

Eskrima Balintawak - World Nickel Stick Eskrima Club (Teovel
Balintawak Style), Cebu City.

Federation of Golf Clubs - The association comprises 25 golf clubs.
Introduction to various golf courses (with pictures) and information on club
facilities and green fees. Current tournament schedule.

Filipino Martial Arts

National Chess Federation of the Philippines - Information on chess
in the Philippines. Tips on upcoming tournaments.

Pacland - Website of WBC International Featherweight Champion
Manny Pacquiao alias Pacman The Destroyer.

PBA - The official website of the Philippine Basketball Association.

PhilBoxing - The Philippines' Boxing Portal: All about Philippine boxing
(boxers, current champions, former champions, fight schedules, fight
results, trainers, managers etc.).

Philfootball.info - Website of Philippine Football Federation (PFF).
Includes info on history of football (soccer) in the Philippines, introduction
of national teams and coaching staff, pictures of training centers.

PhilGolfGolf.Com - Philippines golf informationen.

PinoySoccer.com - Website dedicated to Philippine football and its supporters.

Proactive Fencing Club - Want to learn fencing? Fencing classes are
currently held in Quezon City, Pasig and Marikina Sports Complex.

Sabong - Cock fighting in the Philippines. Videos.

Spada - Fencing website of the Spada Fencing Club of the University
of the Philippines.

Supertour - Tennis website including information on the history of the
sport in the Philippines.

Tacosa Serrada Eskrima


Bicol Adventure ATV - Riding an All-Terrain-Vehicle towards the lava wall
of the world's most perfect coned volcano, Mt Mayon.

Pinatubo Botolan - From Botolan, Zambales Province, to Mt. Pinatubo.

Pinay Key Point - Pinatubo Trek & Tour Packages.


Asawa - Asawa's mission is to explore Fil-West relationships - those
where one partner is a Filipino woman, better known as a "Filipina", and
the other partner is a male from a western nation.

Binibing Pilipinas - Miss Philippines website. Candidates and stars of
the Miss competitions.

Civel Code of the Philippines - This page contains the full text of
Republic Act No. 386 (an act to ordain and institute the civil code of the

Department of Labor and Employment - DOLE - The DOLE is mandated
to promote gainful employment opportunities, develop human resources,
protect workers and promote their welfare, and maintain industrial peace.

LTO - The purpose of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is to optimize
the land transportation service and facilities and to effectively implement
the various transportation laws, rules and regulations.

NAMRIA - Website of the National Mapping and Resource Information
Authority of the Philippines.

National Geographic Magazine Articles about the Philippines -
Index of articles since 1898 (incomplete).

Philippines Education and Research - Links to Philippine universities.

PhilPost - Philippine Postal Corporation website. Includes postage rates,
stamps gallery, zip code search, infos on domestic and international mail

Pinoy Law - Philippine law information and legal solutions. Download
of legal forms, collection of contracts etc.

The Philippine Philatelist - The collections shown on this site cover
all Philippine philatelic eras, from the Spanish Dominion to the present

TicketNet - Reserve tickets online for concerts, sports and other events
in Manila.

Visa, Passport, Emigration - See Embassies & Consulates